Talent Profiling

The Person Who Knows You Best Is You...

Gauge enables anyone to create their own accurate and unique talent profile within minutes without answering a single question. There are no consultants, right or wrong answers or game play. Its simple; the more honest you are in selecting words the more accurate your profile will be. 

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Team Insights

Identifying Your Teams Natural Traits...

Create your Gauge Insight account now and profile your workforce to identify their natural strengths. This enables them to maximise their individual strengths and you to analyse your teams potential instantly. You can compare teams side-by-side and ensure their structure is efficient and cost effective.

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Make Your Apps Standout, Embed Our Profiling...

We empower any organisation to embed our talent profile into to their own software using our API's. This enables you to generate accurate profiles that have the same historical validity with a user accuracy over 80% that is mobile friendly but tailored to your digital needs.

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